About me!

Hiya, my name is Isaac, and im just a funny little internet man. I dwell on many a social media sites but dont really frequent any single one in particular at the moment. Im an INTP, Capricorn, Snake if those are things you care to know about a person. When asking a friend about what to put on my About Me, they said that there only two words needed to describe me, those words being "weed twink" Outside of Neocities im an artist, voice actor, and a video editor. Most of the voice and video work i do is for the youtube channel Voft . Some day i'll have more links to other big projects that i've done that im proud of to put here, but as of right now im content dry.
I have far too many interests to reasonably list (for now) but broader things i tend to like are games, anime, comics, and various weird web stuffs. Right now i've been focusing alot on making mods for Friday Night Funkin while also just getting alot more into the community on Newgrounds. Links to mods i've worked on are on the front page of my site but if it get to point that there's too many, i'll make a seperate page for it. If you haven't already noticed by the formating of my pages, im not very good at coding, or atleast not as good as most of the people on Neocities. It's not really my top priority but gaining a better understanding of coding would be a nice future goal.